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By: Naftali Lahav

Section I
Music and Education
  Section II
Learn to play the guitar

Section III
LIMOR music publication


Section IV
Play the guitar - good


The New Music 
Education Project
Play Guitar LIMOR - Guitar Edition Studio for Guitar
Music for schools and courses

My Oriental Guitar
Instrument name: Rabbab
constructing and playing... 
What is it?
Program goals
Program stages
Pieces to be played
Schools & teachers
Video... A must !
See our Videos...

Play Rabbab.
All the program's contents...

My music box
An ancient harp
What is it?
Program goals
Program stages
Writing music
 The performance

Music Computers and Internet
5th - 12th grades
The concept
Teaching the basics
Working with music
Individual work
An Internet site

Music day
For the whole school
Workshops with top musicians
Concerts at school
Our own music day

My Mini-Guitar
New for ages: 5-7

The best on-line guitar method

Play Guitar
The concept
For whom it is?
Our numeric system
Program stages:
   How to
   First pieces
   My first repertory

For Guitar teachers
Continued study...

 Play Guitar 2 in Russian


N. Lahav - guitar works

Guitar compositions
LIMOR, what is it?
Solo guitar
Guitar ensembles
Guitar & orchestra
Methodology & technique:
The first study book
   Play Guitar
   7 etudes
   4 obligatory exercises
      for advanced students

Purchasing the notes

Guitar recitals
Naftali Lahav -  Guitar
Music of Spain:
Albeniz, Granados, Sanze
Spanish romances and more.
Guitar recital:
Bach, Weiss, Paganini,
H. V. Lobos, Lahav and others.
Spanish Jewry:
Three stories about a Jewish boy who lived in Spain 500 yeas ago. accompanied by guitar.

Site construction
Image sites
Business sites



Classical Spanish guitar

Learning to play
For beginners
For advanced students
For computer lovers
Studying theory
New! Pre-Guitar For:
_ 2nd
- 5th graders

Guitar matriculation
Academy admission
Preparing a repertoire
_ for musicians