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Easy arrangements for:  My Favorite Guitar Pieces: Fur Elise by Beethoven, Spanish Romance, Minuet and Bourree by Bach, Sailing, Imagine, Old Mcdonald's Farm...

Constructing image sites 

LIMOR has accumulated knowledge and expertise in site construction. We employ professionals in accordance with the growing demand of  bodies contacting us.  

Whoever has had experience with bodies that construct sites is acquainted with the difficulties of getting one’s wish and purpose through to these bodies. Therefore, we first meet you for a cup of coffee and define your general goals and purposes together.

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In image sites it is critical to present information in a clear and catchy way. In addition, controlling the navigation of the site is of great importance. In this site (which is an image site) you can get to any page within a second. All you need to do is press the connection to the map site and you have it laid out before you. The format of the site is also very important. Here we can offer you different sample pages and together decide on a basic format that will influence all the other pages we will design.

Our concept is not “the more the merrier”. Today you can find many sights that are so full of activities and animation that you do not know where you are, or where you want to go from there. In fact, you have no possibility of focussing in such sights.

After defining the goals, the characteristics of the page and the navigation course, we will make a flow chart, which we intend the surfer reaching the site to move through. This flow chart will be designed much like the site itself: you can go page by page according to our suggestion, but you do not have to. You can move along according to your own interests and enter any page you want. In addition, if you are not interested in the topics the site deals with, you may be interested in the frame pages (in the upper and bottom strips).

We make sure our product (site) is professional, and gives its visitors the impression that they are dealing with serious, reliable people.

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