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Constructing business sites

A business site is a site whose goal is to sell.
This goal is the starting point and should be taken into consideration when designing the site. For example, if your product has a better chance of competing on the market as an internet product (you do not have to have a real shop); or if you have developed a unique line of products, and wish to emphasize its advantages; or even if you want a virtual shop for selling products.
All this can be done quite easily. However you must consider another aspect of doing business through the Internet that requires a certain investment – advertising and marketing in the Internet. This procedure is generally more expensive than constructing the site and storing it on the server.

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The major point of a business site is getting down to business. Of course we will go through the stages of an image site, because the site must consider at least the following two critical elements:
A. It must be designed in accordance with the line of products.
B. It must give a reliable impression.

Therefore, the construction stage must be attended and approved by the person or body for whom the site is designed in order to stay on the right tracks. We reserve our own right to insist on our own position when there appears to be a contradiction between the goals we have determined and the representation in the site.

These "business-image sites" are perfectly suited for musicians. It is possible to load their works or parts of them, listen to the pieces on midi (simple) files or by downloading an mp3 file. It is possible to sell pieces and to reach desirable public sectors around the world.

LIMOR company, for example, sells note sheets continuously (though not in large quantities). Several important artists play and record my pieces regularly. A record company (Raspberry Records) has produced a CD of some of my work, and there is a constant interest in the music programs of the Guitar Studio, which are now sold to schools abroad as well.

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