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Music and Education


Music Computers and Internet



Personal work (project)

In General:

The program teaches skills for our working environment.
The working tools of the program: Music Computers and Internet are studying music using the computer, Graphics, and the Internet. Each student will build a modest internet site which will includes:
1) Personal page - which will be the Home page (index.htm)
2) A music page which will include short composition written by the student, this composition will be seen as a gif file and hear as a midi file (music.htm)
3) Art page that will include an artistic work and one or two animation gif (art.htm) 
The work stages include, finding information sources, choosing the sources that we need and writing a synopsis.
By using the programs we will become acquainted with several musical domains. For example, some concepts, listening to several musical styles, some composers, etc.
All these factors provide the student with the basic tools needed for preparing a thorough paper. While working on the project the students will apply their knowledge of these basic tools to obtain information on the topics they have chosen and organize this information into a paper,  which they will hand in at the end of the program.  



Music Computers
and Internet

5th - 12th grades
The concept
Teaching the basics
Working with music
Individual work
An Internet site

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Examples of possible topics:
We can suggest two general possibilities.
A.   Writing a piece
consisting of at least three parts) using the computer.
Analyzing the works of a certain composer using a combination of music files.
Working with rhythms and presenting rhythmic patterns composed by the students.
Analyzing the songs of contemporary bands.

B. Dealing with information gathering:
The information we will gather concerns music. The contents in this case will refer to texts rather than music notes. For example:
The music of a certain composer (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.).
  Musical styles (The Baroque, The Classical period, The twentieth century, etc.).
Popular musical styles (Blues, Jazz, Rock, Trans, etc.).
We could also add a third possibility, which combines the two, and be open to the students ideas.

Another topic that may interest many students is site construction. If several students are interested in this topic, it may be suggested as a project topic. See reference to the following page.

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