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My Guitar Compositions  

Solo guitar compositions
By: Naftali Lahav


Prelude in Dm For Solo Guitar  [PDF_$8] 
Written in an A-B-A form.
The piece begins with arpeggios that are intensified until they reach a climax in which a chord bursts in. In the second part - a contrast! A delicate, calm tremolo played on the third string (g) developing on three levels. Then the first part is repeated, but this time more energetically.

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Sonata in Do Re Mi  [PDF_$18]   [Hard Copy_$22]
Three parts sonata.
I. Larghetto - Allegro - Larghetto
II. Largo - Allegretto - Largo
III. Allegro perpetuum mobile

The name of the sonata was chosen because in part I. String No. 6 tuned to C (Do). In part II - string No. 6 tuned to D (Re) and in the third part, it is tuned - normally - to E (Mi). The piece is based on a special concept as well as special sound patterns and an original sound structures... It requires advanced technical skills.
This sonata won first prize's Israeli authors and composer [ACUM]. Clike2see the video - Part II...


Canaa'n  [PDF_$12]
The guitar as an oriental instrument.
The eastern-oriental motifs and sound patterns were written for the guitar in this case.
Not only the Ud, Canun and Darbuka, but now the guitar too is presented as an instrument which can express Ancient motifs, and it does so marvelously.

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 New and original arrangements for solo guitar.
 [PDF_$12]    [Hard Copy_$16]

The Vagabond
This is a solo guitar version for an old Bokharian tune.
The melody begins in the bass and then moves to the soprano, supported by chords and triplets with sound shades creating dynamics which express the loneliness and alienation implied by the name of the song. The piece is played a second time, fully, and this time the melody is played in tremolo.

Arvolicos De Almandra
The Almond Trees. This is a Ladino song, which is deeply rooted in the Ladino singing tradition. This time, a piece for solo guitar. It does not seem complicated, but performing the song is difficult because it should be played lightly. In addition it is filled with appoggiatura.

Mama Yo No Tengo Visto    Clike2see the video... 
A Ladino song (Spanish-Jewish) song from the 16th century. The melody in the transcript is true to the original, and is played here from the bass through the soprano strings and up to the harmonic bell-like sounds. The melody is accompanied by a constantly recurring bass.

Dedicated to my friend, the guitar artist and composer Dr. Gregory Newton.

  Cuando El Rey Nimrod
A Ladino song that celebrates the birth of Abraham. It incorporates many elements taken from the Nimrod Midrashim. This song is sung as a Shabbat Z'mira (table song) and at circumcisions. The exact date of its origin is unknown but it probably dates from the 16th or 17th century.

Capriccio no. 1  [Contact me]
Legato, legato and more legato…
Yes, nothing but ties, one of the most difficult guitar techniques.
The whole purpose of this piece is to improve the playing skill of the left hand. In order to play this piece successfully, you must have a strong base of guitar playing, and play freely. If you do not, it is difficult.
Once you have mastered the piece and are able to play it at the right speed you are in for a surprise.
(The piece has not been published yet, and exists as a manuscript)

Capriccio no. 2  [PDF_$10]
A technical piece combining several playing techniques:
Dissonant chords accompanying a slow melody (Largo), and then an accelerating legato passage moving into a fast triplet part leading to the third part: Heroic cheers in two voices contrasted by full chords and a mumbling of sounds by fast legatos... (You have to see the notes in order to understand).

Homage to Omaira Sanchez  [Hard Copy_$12]
A piece consisting of heavy chord movements with voice leading, tremolo and a scream.
Omaira Sanchez was a 10 year-old girl who died in an earthquake and volcanic eruption in the town Armaro in 1988. Omaira was buried up to her head in mud as attempts were made to rescue her. Speaking to the television cameramen she promised she would get out and survive, because "I am young", she said. Aviera died on the way to the hospital, after she had been rescued. Clike2see the video...

Here Comes The Bride  [PDF_$6]
Are you getting marry?

This is the piece should be played as the bride and groom marching into the wedding ceremony. Premiered at Ziva and Herry wedding - summer 2001.So, find a fine guitarist (May be even you ;-) to play this number in the coming wedding.
New and original arrangements for solo guitar.
    [Hard Copy_$16]

I Am Guitar [Heb: Ani Gitara]
Composed by Naomi Shemer for the singer: Benny Amdursky.
Here is arrangement for solo guitar that combines Lahav's ideas: Opening with two short mysteries chords- arpeggios that leads to one of the most beautiful melody every written... second part repeats the song with written improvised wrapped around the origin melody. The words are not les touching: "I am guitar, the wind is playing my strings accordingly to the seasons of the year....." and ended: "I am guitar, I remember every one that ever play my stings, and I thank them all

The Valley Song  [Heb: Shir Hae'mek]
The melody was composed by Daniel Sambursky in 1934!
It was composed as a movie's sound track, and became a popular song along with  the lyrics by Nathan Alterman. The melody and the lyrics are reflecting the atmosphere of the valley where i am living [God's seeds valley). This amazing intensive short melody based on 4 very short themes. Now arranged for solo guitar.

Wind Flowers  [Heb: Kalaniot]
Composed by Moshe Wilensky in 1945 and sung by Shoshana Damary. Winlensky born in Poland and immigrate to Israel in 1932. His style combine European style with Israeli folk style it's roots are eastern. Wind Flower is one of the most popular and amazing song Wilensky composed - now arranged for solo guitar by Naftali Lahav. The minor-melody streams in the bass while one changing note accompanying - of beat - in the background... the chant - in tremolo - is turn to Major...   

Wish That Happened [Heb: Lu Yehi]
Original music by Naomi Shemer, One of the most important song writer and valued-popular music - written in Israel.
Like the Spanish tradition, arrangements of great music for guitar repertory. The melody will supported with unexpected harmonies in some junctions, as well as passages.  Naomi Shemer herself confirm Lahav's arrangement and and fixed a note or two :) 

My Favorite Beatles Guitar  10 Beatles' songs originally arranged for solo guitar by N. Lahav [PDF_$8]   [Hard Copy_$14]

1. Here There And Everywhere
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. All My Loving
4. Across The Universe
5. Lady Madonna
6. We Can Work It Out
7. It's Only love
8. Here Comes The Sun

9. Octopus's Garden
10. Blackbird

For notes example see: Blackbird 



  Here There and Everywhere
           Across The Universe
                         All My Loving

3 JAZz songs - Arrangements by N. Lahav [PDF_$8]   [Hard Copy_$14]
See 3 Jazz videos by N. Lahav...

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