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Writing music 

In this program, our notes are visually concrete, that is, the student can see which note appears on which string and in which order. Therefore, there is no need for the student to learn and practice the position of each note in the staff, as in regular music notation.

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The function of our visual note system - in the Ancient Harp program - is to make three things possible:
1. Early learning of signs which enable the student to relate to rhythm and sound pitch.
2. The ability to write and play instantly according to the visually concrete signs.
3. The ability to play together without remembering each part, which may be useful, for example, in a concert.

Which string do we play?
Each string is represented by a line with a number in a little circle at its left. This number represents the number of the string. The soprano string (the thin one) is represented by number 1 in the circle. The second, string (the middle one) is represented by the number 2. The bass  string (the thick one) is represented by the number 3. We use the same numbers to mark the strings on the Ancient Harp itself, so that the student knows and sees which number represents which string.

The direction of writing and reading the signs is from left to right, as it is in the regular staff.

What is the duration of the sounds we play?
While we teach the students to distinguish the strings, we also teach them the three basic rhythmic values: the whole note, the half note and the quarter note. Each sound is written as one of these three values.

We also teach the children that notes are written from left to right. We divide the bars by rhythm and explain the allocation of notes in every bar. For example, in a bar of 4/4 there can be one whole note, two half notes, four quarter notes or other combinations that will amount to 4 quarters.
In addition, we teach the students that when a note is written above another note, this means that both notes are played simultaneously, and that a line of three notes written one above the other is called a chord.
We can now write basic musical patterns and play them together with the students.
It is possible for the teacher to play the solo part.



Great News!
You can now learn easily how to play
and teach the Ancient Harp
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