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My Ancient Harp
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The performance

It is possible to move on to the fourth stage of the program if the following criteria have been met:
1. The program participants are able to play short musical phrases and combine the notes in several rhythmic patterns.
2. Most of the students are able to play together notes and rhythmic values written according to the sign script.
The group has internalized several basic rules and habits of orchestral music

In this stage we put together a program and choose pieces for the performance - a concert that completes the Ancient Harp program.


My Ancient Harp
An ancient harp
What is it?
Program goals
Program stages
Writing music
The performance

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Orchestral workshop

The pieces chosen for the concert could include:
1. Several solo pieces composed by advanced students.
2. Several Ancient Harp ensemble pieces for two to four players.
3. An obligatory piece combining percussion and provided by the teacher.
4. Three or four pieces based on popular folk songs. For example: Israeli (Hora), Spanish (Malaguena), Ethiopian, Russian, American (Blues) etc. The teacher will play the melodic line.
5. Two or three songs that will be sung by some of the students (with the audience's participation) and accompanied by a Ancient Harp orchestra.

Great News!
You can now learn easily how to play
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