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Music and Education


My Ancient Harp

My Ancient Harp - Program goals

The main goal is to create an interesting background environment, and possibilities, that will develop into wonderful experience, and will increase the appreciation, fondness, and love for the music.

Free improvisation

My Ancient Harp
An ancient harp
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A larger definition:

The objective of the program is to provide the background and the possibilities for musical activities that offer the students direct contact with suitable musical topics. This direct contact, provided by experiences in the work environment, such as building a personal instrument, learning to play it and creating music, will encourage the students to be involved in the topics offered by the program. 

Program's logo Basic assumptions:
Teaching young children music may be difficult. For this reason the instrument built in this program is very basic: the Ancient Harp, which is the ancient Hebrew lire. An ancient outline of a similar instrument engraved in stone enables us to associate the program with our origins.
The music box is a very simple instrument, which can be played without any special instruction (of course, it is possible to improve playing skills, however, in this program we are content with the basic skill of plucking the strings with the fingers and/or with a plectrum). The immediate ability to combine three tones; a low tone, a middle tone and a high tone separately (melody) or simultaneously (chord), in addition to the combination of rhythm, provides the program (and the teacher) with a vast range of experiences with sound.
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The program has other secondary goals:

Getting acquainted with basic musical concepts, such as: accompaniment, chord, melody, loud, soft, etc.
Improving functioning ability in a different working environment during the instrument building stage.
Improving motor skills by playing the instrument.
Improving interpersonal communication by playing together and arranging the musical pieces.
Improving eye-hand-ear coordination when playing from our visual notes system
Acquiring new skills, such as the ability to produce sounds and rhythms according to certain plan.
Improving the social atmosphere in the class by achieving the goals of performing together in the final concert.
Encouraging interpersonal communication through music.


Great News!
You can now learn easily how to play
and teach the Ancient Harp
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