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Matriculations and other exams

Many students spend a lot of time playing the guitar, and sometimes play for several years.
Here we would like to offer a guitar matriculation course.
The level of playing that the student will present at the matriculation exam is also the level required for the music academy admission exam.
It is also the level of playing required in order to participate in the competition of the "SHARET" fund, which awards scholarships.

In exams of this kind pieces of the following periods and styles are generally required:


Learning to play
For beginners
For advanced
For computer lovers
Studying theory
New! Pre-Guitar
  for 2
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  Early music.
Baroque music.
Classical music.
Spanish Romanticism.
20th century music (up to the 60s and from the 60s till today).
An Israeli piece.

In addition it is important to consider two other points:
a.  You will be asked to prepare one larger piece, for example a suite, a sonata or any other piece consisting of several movements. This should be a piece from the above periods or styles.
b.  You will be asked to hand in a paper concerning one of the pieces or composers included in your repertoire.  We will usually analyze one of the longer pieces you have chosen to play.

Many guitar artists and teachers stop progressing after several years. This is because they work alone and have no program offering them regular progress at work.
We modestly offer ourselves as a supporting body that can help such artists and teachers to progress.

We will decide on the following work program:
a.  Etudes for improving technique.
b. Reading notes - regularly.
c.  Preparing challenging pieces for a concert (for example at the end of the year) according to a planned time schedule.
These procedures will assure the progress of every artist and teacher.

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