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My Ancient Guitar

The pieces we will play

At the end of the second stage of this program: the basic principles of playing, every student will have mastered the production of several sounds in the first position. The sound production will be spontaneous and will be done according to our notes-numeric-system (TAB). Let's hear few examples:
A traditional folk tune ABCD...
A Polonaise Dance by Mozart or a Dance by F. Hendel.
An Ancient piece by Naftali Lahav.

  My Ancient Guitar
Instrument name: Ancient Guitar
constructing and playing...

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The pieces we'll play
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    Playing according to our notes-numeric-system (TAB) offers many possibilities:
1. Playing solo pieces.
2. Playing melodic lines together.
3. Playing in two voices (it is possible to play more, but we recommend two).
4. Playing orchestral music (accompaniment) with an Ancient Guitar soloist.
5. Accompanying a melody or a song.
6. A combination of playing and tapping the backside of the Guitar. 
7. A western piece played with Ancient Guitars (combining east and west).
Playing with playback.
9. Representing piece of music form a certain culture or nation;
[We have performed an American: Country music, Blues, Jazz, Soul and...Twist, came out great!!!]


Play Ancient Guitar.
All the program's contents...
Play Ancient Guitar - teaches holding positions, playing together, composing, improvisation, the pieces we play and more...

We have all these contents on a CD. Now   you can run the program all by yourself !

Where do we begin?
It is important to begin by making sure that the students are able to play spontaneously (improvise) and together according to the notes-numeric-system, and gradually improve their technical skills. For example, we ask the students to work in pairs and prepare a musical phrase of two to four bars, which they can play four times in a row. We could then transcribe a musical phrase or two in the form of an orchestral piece, by using these phrases as a core around which we build a whole structure (form). An example of a piece the children play in all programs (an obligatory piece) is Ancient Melody. This is its theme:

Now we start adding a form:
One student begins by playing the melodic theme, another student joins him, and then everyone joins in together with a solo part (played by the teacher). The piece ends with a tremolo, and then we move on to a percussion part performed by tapping the backside of the instrument. This piece is made up of imitations, and it too ends in a tremolo. The student who started the piece enters again here, and is again joined by the other student with the rest of the players joining in together with the soloist until the end of the piece. This piece is about 5-6 minutes long.

It is possible to use this form with any theme (up to 4 bars) which has rhythm and character. In fact, it is possible to play many of the studentsí compositions in this way. Of course, the teacher must be able to improvise.




Performing American music    

What can be played in the final performance?
1. Two solo pieces composed by the students.
2. An ensemble piece for three or four students, combining percussion.
3. An Ancient melody (obligatory piece).
4. Two orchestral pieces developed from themes written by the students and played by the orchestra according to the format of the Ancient melody.
5. An accompaniment of several songs (we can help with the transcription and simplification of the Guitar parts).

As we approach the final concert it is important to have sequence rehearsals. It is possible to give two concerts: One for the students at school in the morning, and the other for parents and siblings in the afternoon.

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