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Learning to play
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New! Pre-Guitar
  for 2
nd - 5th graders

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One of the most important current developments in teaching young students (2nd-5th graders) to play the guitar is a program in which the students build their personal instruments.

We put together and build an Ancient guitar using modular parts prepared in advance.
We will choose a name for the instrument we have built: Ancient Guitar. This name has an associative connection to the Rabbaba, which is a Bedouin musical instrument.
The difference between the instruments is considerable: while the Rabbaba is played with an arched, our Rabbab is an Ancient guitar, which we pluck with our fingers or with a plectrum. The program was developed by Naftali Lahav, director of the Guitar Studio.

We start by building the Ancient guitar. We provide all the parts in a special kit. During the building process the student becomes attached to his instrument, and by the time it is ready, the student is very enthusiastic about playing it. The sounds are gentle, bright and lovely.
Using this instrument we teach the correct sitting posture, the position of the hands, the proper way of holding the guitar and pressing the string with the left fingers.
It's a real party! The students actually learn to play the guitar, but without the discomfort they might feel if they start playing a six stringed guitar. With the help of the Ancient guitar, we prepare the student to play the guitar, we study some pieces using the sign script, and most importantly we learn the playing positions.

This program is the solution for young pupils who want to play, and for teachers who want to teach this age group. The program also offers the special experience of building an instrument and simple carpentry work.

Our kits include all the pre-cut wood pieces, the boards and bridges, the nails, glue, tape, strings everything! After teaching the basic principles of playing, the teacher can accompany the student with the guitar and vise versa; the student can accompany the teacher with a simple melody using the sign script.

This instrument which we offer individuals, is the very same instrument used in the program: "My Ancient Guitar", other than its being more elegant and made of better wood. The program "My Ancient Guitar" is used in about 20 schools, and it is recommended by the Ministry of Education as recommended optional program no. 14.

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