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A journey into Spanish Jewry
Presentation, story telling and guitar: Naftali Lahav

"...I extended my hand and removed the thing from the hiding place.
My heart stopped beating! My breath grew short, cold sweat streamed down my face, I trembled with excitement - The biblical prayers echoed in my ears.
My hands were holding a thick adorned book on which was written in elegant golden letters:  The Bible of the Abarbanel family and its past generations...".

This journey includes three stories about a boy who lived in the period preceding the banishment of Spanish Jews.


Guitar recitals
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Guitar recitals
Spanish Jewry

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The first story:
liyahu Even Shaprut, the Ud player
This is a story about a Jewish boy who is strongly moved by the sound of the Ud, and whose father arranges him a meeting with an Arab Ud player.

The second story:
A romance in the convert’s home.
  a dignified Catholic man from Seville , only to find out, as he plays a Jewish romance, that this dignified man is a converted Jew.

The third story:
Mama Yo No Tengo Visto.
In English: I don’t want to see, or I don’t want to know. This is a sad story about the life of a Jewish family during The Inquisition.
Easy arrangements for:  My Favorite Guitar Pieces: Fur Elise by Beethoven, Spanish Romance, Minuet and Bourree by Bach, Sailing, Imagine, Old Mcdonald's Farm...

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