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Guitar recitals
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     Music of Spain
Guitar: Naftali Lahav

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[from: 10 years ago] 

This program includes pieces by the greatest Spanish composers.
It combines well-known and less known Spanish pieces. For example, I begin with early Spanish music written for Vihuela  (an early guitar with 5 double strings). This is followed by pieces by Enrique Granados, I. Albeniz and Joaquin Malats. These three composers wrote popular Spanish music for the piano, which is suited for guitar, and is now usually played by guitar.
In addition I include guitar transcriptions of Sephardim songs (songs of Spanish Jews, "Ladino").

   Guitar recitals
Music of Spain
Guitar recitals
Spanish Jewry

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Lahav 1989      Among the pieces played in this concert are the following:
Dance no. 5 and "Poetic waltzes" by Enrique Granados.
"Malaguena", "Asturias" and "Granada" by AI. Albeniz.
The Zapateado dance by De La Maza.
"Spanish Serenad"e by Joaquin Malats.
Guitar transcriptions of Sephardic songs:
   Mama Yo No Tengo Visto
   The Almond Tree
   The Vagabond.
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