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Teaching the basics

In order to achieve the goals of the program, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the computer and some basic skills in working with the computer.

For example: opening a directory and sub directories, copying files into a library, installing a program, saving documents in a library, copying, deleting, basic editing, backing up documents. Thus, we will begin the program by teaching the students briefly how to perform some basic operations that for some reason students always get stuck with and have to call the teacher.
Next, we will study three programs, two music programs and one graphic program. In this stage we will learn some more specific operations. One music program will deal with editing midi files, while the other one will be used for writing the notes and the rhythms.



Music Computers
and Internet

5th - 12th grades
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The third program will be a graphic one, in order to make sure the students have basic control of graphics and combining text, which are necessary for writing nearly any paper. In addition the students will get acquainted with several little auxiliary programs that can, for example, complete small animations.

Later, we will add some programs used for constructing sites, and we will even construct and design several pages relating to a musical topic each student has chosen.

All these operations involve a wide range of basic functions that need to be mastered in order to assure uninterrupted work that will give expression to content.

The work method:

Each activity related to learning the basic principles of computer use will be made up of several stages:
1. Discussion, explanation and demonstration by the teacher.
2.The students perform the specific operation.

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