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How to Play Guitar

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For the guitar teachers

I modestly recommend that you review the program "Play Guitar" and use it.
It is a graduated and well planned learning method. In addition, it enables students who are interested in computers and music to combine these two interests, and is a good solution in other respects as well.

The workbook is based on the idea of dividing the learning process into little units focussing on the basic principles of playing, such as: holding the guitar correctly, the position of the hands, the fingering; thumb =
p, fingers = i, m, a, and adding the right-hand fingers.
Then all these elements are very gradually combined.
In the fourth chapter we introduce notes. A frequently asked question is whether learning two methods is not confusing. The answer is absolutely no! Just as it would not occur to us that learning English could interfere with a student's ability to learn Hebrew.


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The numeric system - our first position TAB -  is a graphic script. There is no learning process involved here. The student sees instantly which string he must press, which finger to use and the rhythmic value of the note. In contrast, learning to read notes is a much longer process, requiring more practice, because the student does not see the position of the written note on the string. Therefore you may wish to add some learning and practice material to the fourth chapter, "Notes"

Generally speaking, it is important not to see this as a competing program, which students may prefer studying by themselves, without the help of a teacher. Quite the contrary, The program may encourage students to play the guitar, and we will be able to advance them after they have completed it. In addition, the program can be an important and reliable helping tool for guitar teachers.

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