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My Ancient Guitar
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 What is it?
"My Ancient Guitar" is a musical enrichment program, which places the participant, the Ancient instrument and the sounds, at the center.

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  My Ancient Guitar

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What is it?
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Each student will construct himself a wonderful wooden musical instrument, with a full, warm, crystal clear and deep sound.

 Partnership With Us 

We will construct the Ancient guitar out of modular parts, which we supply together with all necessary tools and accessories. A special workshop is not necessary for the building stage. Any classroom will do.

OMARIM-School in concerts

During the building stages the student grows very much attached to his personal musical instrument. This bond is very important and is sometimes even the main reason for the student’s wish to continue through the following stages of this program, playing the instrument and preparing the final performance.




One for U...

Few days program in the summer
   The idea of this program is to enable thousands of students to develop through music, and thus learn to play a real instrument, at school or in a course. 
The advantage of the program is that it does not involve the expense of private lessons, and of purchasing an expensive instrument and notes. Nor does it involve the hassles of transportation, perseverance, time investment and other factors that sometimes make it difficult for parents to provide music lessons for their children.

The program is suitable for 4th - 11th graders, as the program's contents will be accordingly to the student's age and musical level.
The duration of the program depends on the needs of the school, but we recommend the following plans:
One year, one weekly hour - for the whole course/class/grade.
One year, two weekly hours - expanded course - for schools and after school courses.
Half a year - two weekly hours - for the whole course/class/grade.
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It is good to know that:
The program has been authorized by a group of experts from the Ministry Of Education (program no. 14)
Our programs have been authorized and used for the past 10 years in the "KAREV" Fund, helping schools to activate our mus-edu programs .
Our teachers are from the Guitar Studio, or other teachers who have been trained to teach this program.
See the Belgium branch by Frans...
We are interested in expanding the program, and invite other schools to join...
The program is running for over 10 years and thousands of student/pupils already enjoyed it.
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Great News!
You can now learn easily, all the How To Play [and even teach] the Ancient Guitar.

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