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My Ancient Guitar
We are looking for Music Teachers and schools to Join Us...

Schools and teachers

Our program is for everyone!

We want to expand the program and train more teachers. Any school that will contact us will be answered. We can arrange a meeting in which we will lay out the contents of the program and present the instrument that we build.

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  My Ancient Guitar
Instrument name: Ancient Guitar
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Schools and teachers

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The program may encompass a course, a class, a grade or a few grades. In fact, in places where the program was widely implemented, it was possible to choose a topic that would be studied by several grades, and the results were impressive. Such a topic could be one of the following: Ancient music (using other Ancient's drums in addition to the Ancient Guitar). The middle east, or Africa music, eastern music and more. Musical instruments and musical styles. "I compose music".

Orchestral workshop    The program can also be used perennially (spirally) and with several grade levels; In 2nd - 3rd grade the program "My Ancient Harp" can be used. In 3rd - 4th grade the program "My Ancient Guitar" can be used.


Contens... Play Ancient Guitar.
All the program's contents...

The size of work groups:
The reasonable size of a group/course/class is 15 - 17 students.
An optimal size would be up to 12 students.
It is possible to do the program with groups of 22 - 25 students, but only with an experienced teacher who has a good rapport with the students.
The building stage can be done with any class since the pieces are already cut, leaving the students only fine carpentry, such as filing, adjusting, assembling and gluing.
The school should prepare a locked storage closet in which the Ancient Guitar parts and tools can be kept.

The teachers could be special teachers of the program "My Ancient guitar/Music Box", or music teachers from the school, as long as they have been trained to teach the program and they attend periodic conferences with other teachers of the program.

The criteria we expect our teachers to meet are:
1. The ability to communicate well with the students, in order to successfully administer the program.
2. The ability to play a plucked or string instrument reasonably well (guitar, violin, cello, Ud, mandolin etc).
3.  A basic ability to transcribe a song for the Ancient Guitar orchestra (teachers are instructed on this subject in the teacher training course).
4.  It is important that the teacher be open minded and creative in response to the students' ideas, and willing to cooperate with their suggestions of musical pieces and songs.
We have developed a full teacher guide for this program on a CD - named: "Play Ancient Guitar " this way you can run learn and teach the program all by yourself.



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