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Guitar and orchestra
By Naftali Lahav

Morning in the valley   From the premiere
A poem for guitar and chamber orchestra.
In this poem there is an attempt to express the coming together of man and earth. It is a piece of a somewhat agricultural nature. The oboe plays the theme, which is like a silent prayer. The piece is Mediterranean in nature. It won the ACUM - Israeli composers' first prize competition in 1991.


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   The following are the judge's arguments for their choice of this piece:
"The piece successfully combines the tradition of western music with Mediterranean elements and with elements of the rich tradition of Spanish guitar music. The theme is Israeli, however not provincial, as it is based on the above musical traditions. The piece is professionally written, using interesting and original solutions to the problem of balancing the delicate instrument (the guitar) and the orchestra. The composer, a professional guitar player who has mastered the mysteries of the instrument, has skillfully utilized the technical and aesthetic possibilities of the guitar. There are very few Israeli pieces for guitar and orchestra, and Naftali Lahavís piece is a great contribution to this musical category".

The valley that inspired the composition. Under mount Tabor

Music for a Symphonic Orchestra and Guitar

Won 2007 Israeli composers' largest organization [ACUM] prize in classical music category.

The Judge's arguments:
1. Very well and professionally written!
2. Interesting orchestration, suits well the character of the classical guitar.
3. Emphasizing original Israeli music for guitar.

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