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My Guitar Composition


   Guitar Ensembles
By Naftali Lahav

Contemplations  [PDF_$18]
For guitar quartet.
This quartet is based on three different, contrasting elements. While playing, each player must be attentive to the other parts, in order to achieve unity and express a concept and statement.

Harvest  [Hard Copy_$26]
A piece for recorder, guitar and harpsichord or piano.
The piece is based on a dance performed during the celebration of the first crops (Heb: BIKURIM) Folk Israeli dance-song, written by Matityahu Shalem, one of the founders of new Israeli folk music on the 40
th. This piece begins like the original song, but later evolves into something renascent, with new motifs, new rhythms and new-year's first crops.

Largo Espressivo  [Hard Copy_$10]
A melancholy piece for guitar and cello.
The cello sings a gloomy, beautiful melody. The guitar in its traditional role provides the harmonic stratum of the cello’s melody.

FANTASIA and PASSACAGLIA - for guitar and alto recorder [PDF_$26]    
Developing of musical themes with lots of musical and technical-verities such as passages, arpeggios, legatos, termolos... 


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Two Duets  [Hard Copy_$12]
Two pieces for cello and guitar.
The first etude is called ”Duet”. This is a short, expressionistic piece in which the cello and the guitar present themes and resolutions. The contrasts between the cello’s heavy (and slow) melody, and the guitar’s light (and slow) melody create a duet.

The second etude is called “MEETING”  means: encounter. The cello begins with a traditional theme of a Baroque nature. The guitar bursts in with something new, perhaps fresher, in the spirit of the 20th century. As the piece progresses the two instruments undergo an experience together, and finally, the cello ”agrees” to play the “modern” motif presented by the guitar.

Trio  [Hard Copy_$12]
A piece for guitar, viola and flute (or violin).
In this piece each instrument has a unique character and role. What gives the piece its beauty and uniqueness is the fact that though the three instruments (roles) are combined, each retains its core and special characteristics.

Cello Sonata no. 1 by Antonio Vivaldi P[PDF_$26]DF_$22]
This is a version for cello and guitar.
The part of the guitar was transcribed by Lahav.
The piece is written in B flat major, and the dominant tone is F. Therefore, in the guitar part of this transcription the sixth string (E) is F.
The piece requires an experienced player with excellent technique and sound. The result will justify any effort! 

Arrangements for 4 parts guitar
   Lady  Madonna - By The Beatles  [PDF_$16]
With A Little Help From My Friends - By The Beatles  [PDF_$16]   
  And I Love Her - By The Beatles  [PDF_$16]   

   [For all the rest...Contact me]
Help  While My Guitar Gently Weeps Octopus Garden - By The Beatles
In My Life Let It Be It's Only Love - By The Beatles
Here Comes The Sun When I am 64  Yellow Submarine - By The Beatles
 Somewhere Over the Rainbow     Blue Moon   
Farruca - By Baldi Olier
Spaceships - By Berry Saharof
Minuet - By J. S. Bach
 ANDANTE in G - By F. Sor Trio - W. A. Mozart
Guitar Solo - By N. Lahav 
 Memories From Brazil - Marcello Raij

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