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Our notes-numeric-system is the music notation of the Ancient Guitar. The advantage of the numeric-system  at this point is that the student can see where he must place each finger, that is, the music takes a more visual, concrete form. The string is represented as a line, on which the notes appear only as a representation of the sound duration (whole, half, quarter or eighth notes).

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There is a small number near each note marking the finger that should be used to press the string. The student must learn and practice the rhythmic values of the notes. On the neck of the Ancient Guitar we mark the numbers of the fingers in first position: from finger no. 1 to finger no. 4. In this way the student knows where to place his finger.
The accuracy achieved in this way is not the half tone accuracy expected in western music. There is a quarter tone interval in the students' playing, which enriches orchestral music (according to the Ancient concept of music).

The numbers of the fingers 




The advantage of the number method is that it provides an accepted language which connects the sound and its physical position on the instrument, as opposed to music notes which are not visually similar to their location on the instrument. This method enables us to play together within a relatively short period of time.

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It is true, that the numeric-system  is limited when it comes to higher levels of playing. However our goal in this program is to make it possible for students to play orchestral music within a relatively short period of time, and for this purpose the numeric-system  is most suitable. Students who can play songs by ear will also be able to play them without the numeric-system , which is mainly used as a solution for orchestral music.


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