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You have most welcome to our music site, called:
Music and Guitar.

The site presents four main sections, which are persistently
being developed by the Studio for Guitar:

Section I: Original music programs for schools:
The New Music Educational Project.

Section II: Play Guitar.  A new method for the study of the
guitar, On-line connected to the Internet. Or, by downloading
the program Play Guitar directly to your’s computer.

Section III: LIMOR. is a subsidiary of Studio for Guitar,
Naftali Lahav - Music notes publications.

Section IV: Teaching guitar music at the Studio for Guitar itself.
Studio for Guitar states in Israel in a beautiful northern valley next to mount Tabor and Nazareth.

Video... A must !
See our Videos...
We are interested in expanding our connections, mainly
schools and music organizations that may find an interest in
our Music Educational Projects

On the upper strip of each page you will find the word:
CONT@CT",  Press it and you will enter our contact page
from which you can write us to a text box or send us
You can also call us at this Tel/Fax: 972 4 6429756
[In Israel: 04-6429756]

Sincerely Yours
Developer of the programs and director of the Studio for Guitar.

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