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Music and Education


My Ancient Guitar

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Program Goals

The main goal is to create an interesting background environment, and possibilities, that will develop into wonderful experience, and will increase the appreciation, fondness, and love for the music.

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  My Ancient Guitar
Instrument name once [in the past] called: Rabbab, now: Ancient Guitar
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Basic assumptions

The name of the program: My Ancient Guitar, refers to two basic aims of the program:
a. An Ancient (eastern) music and it concept within a social framework of the course, the class or the grade.
b.  The GUITAR, a basic studying of a guitar-like instrument.
These two elements and the idea of placing the student and the constructed instrument at the center, are the basic principles of the program.

Through the direct contact with the building materials the student becomes attached to the instrument. This attachment is the basis of the studentsí willingness to begin the playing process. This learning process offers the opportunity to open up to music and get acquainted with several basic musical domains, such as groups of instruments, principles of the structure of string instruments, melodic line, accompaniment, maqams, scales, imitation, improvisation, rhythm and beat, playing together and more.

The objective of the program

The main objective of the program is getting the students involved in the musical contents and musical creation. In order to attain this goal, the program is planned in such a way that each practical stage contributes to a corresponding theoretical domain. For example, understanding the principles of sound and string will correspond with building a resonance box and tuning the string. The completion of the building process raises the question "How will we learn to play?"... which leads to the suggestion of a method of playing.

   For many students this program is the first practical experience with music.
With the help of the program students can receive personal feedback regarding their musical tendencies and skills and their love of music.
We wish to make sure that this experience is a success, and will be remembered as such by the student.


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