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The secret of the spellbinding sites... How does it work? Can I construct a site of my own? Can I understand how a site is constructed, how the text are put in? How to combine a picture, animation and music?

Today it is relatively simple to construct a site. All advanced programs make site building quite simple. But the main challenge is the planning stage. You must choose a topic for the site (I, the music I love, pictures I have drawn, composers, etc.).  After choosing the topic you must come up with a navigation plan for your site, for example, a page presenting a map of the site. Later, you must gather all the information and organize it in the site according to subjects. Finally, you must load the site onto one of the abundant free sites. In fact, building a site can be used as a program in itself. We offer it as a possible project in our program: My Ancient Guitar, computers and the Internet, in order to enable students to build something real that can stay in the net for many years. This will allow students to pursue their interest in a certain topic as they maintain and improve their sites.


Music Computers
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5th - 12th grades
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An Internet site

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In addition, building a site goes well with the goals of this program, which teaches the students how to work in an environment where the computer is a major tool through which we can operate many programs that make possible multiple tasks, involving thought, imagination and creativity.

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