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Published by  "LIMOR" Guitar Music Edition
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1. PRELUDE for solo guitar
[PDF_$8]  Clike2see the video...
2. SONATA for GUITAR in Do, Re, Mi
[First 'ACUM' IL composer's prize] Clike2see Part II...  [PDF_$18]    [Hard Copy_$22]
3. CANAA'N an Ancient fantasia
[PDF_$12] Clike2see the video...
4. 4 LADINO Songs - For Solo Guitar: [PDF_$12]    [Hard Copy_$16]  Clike2see the video... 

5. CAPRICCIO No. 1 [Contact me]
6. CAPRICCIO No. 2 [PDF_$10]
[Hard Copy_$12] Clike2see the video... 
9. 4 ISRAELI SONG - For Solo Guitar
[PDF_$12]   [Hard Copy_$16]

10. MY FAVORITE BEATLES GUITAR: [PDF_$8]   [Hard Copy_$14]

Videos: Across The Universe..   Here There And Everywhere..   All My Loving..



11. 3 JAZZ songs For Solo Guitar: [PDF_$8]    [Hard Copy_$14]


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1. CONTEMPLATIONs for guitar quartet
2. HARVEST for recorder, guitar and harpsichord or piano
[Hard Copy_$26]
3. LARGO ESPRESSIVO for cello and guitar 
[Hard Copy_$10]
4. TRIO for guitar, viola & flute (or violin) [Hard Copy_$12]
5. TWO DUETS for guitar and cello
[Hard Copy_$12]
6. A. VIVALDI - CELLO SONATA No.1_for cello and guitar Arr. N. Lahav 
7. FANTASIA and PASSACAGLIA - for guitar and alto recorder  [PDF_$26]

CHAMBER MUSIC arr. for guitar

Beatles - Arrangements for 4 parts guitar
8.  Lady  Madonna - By The Beatles  [PDF_$16]
9.  With A Little Help From My Friends - By The Beatles  [PDF_$16]
10.  And I Love Her - By The Beatles  [PDF_$16]

[For all the rest no.11 to 25...Contact me]
11. In My Life Let It Be (e)   Help   It's Only Love      
12. While My Guitar Gently Weeps  When I Am Sixty-Four  Yellow Submarine
13. Octopus Garden    Here Comes The Sun  Blackbird
14. SPANISH NIGHTS by P. Groisman & LU YEHI by N. Shemer. One volume - For 3 guitars
15. MINUET in A by A. Falckenhagen - For 4 guitars
16. DANCE OF THE HAPPY SPIRITTS by: C. Gluck: - For 3 guitars
17. ANDANTE in G by F. Carulli - For 3 guitars
(Medium) ($16)
18. HALALIOT [Spaceships] by Berry Saharof - For 4 guitars and a singer
19. FARUCCA [Spanish traditional] - by Baldi Olier - For 4 guitars
20. VENEZUELEAN WALTZ [Traditional] - For 4 guitars
21. ALLEGRO in D - W. A. Mozart - For 3 guitars (Medium)  
22. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
23. "Guitar Solo"
[For 4 Guitars By: N. Lahav] For 4 guitars (Medium/Advanced) ($16) 
23. Amor - For 4 Guitars. For 4 guitars
(Medium/Advanced) ($16)
25. Blue Moon  For 4 guitars (Medium) ($16)

C. GUITAR and ORCHESTRA [Contact me]
1. MORNING IN THE VALLEY [Won the first Israeli 'ACUM' composer's prize - In 1991]
[Won the first Israeli 'ACUM' composer's prize - In 2007]

D. Methodology and Technique
1.  PLAY GUITAR  Learn to Play Guitar all by yourself [BUY Play Guitar_$26]
2.  PLAY GUITAR 2: MORE - NOTES, Expansions from Chapter IV [Contact me]
3.  PLAY GUITAR - THE BOOK in Hebrew
[Contact me]
i-m-a  [PDF_$8]
6.  P-TUDE - Etude for your thumb=P  [PDF_$8]
9COMPOSE & PLAY. Learn to play first-position-guitar's notes in a creative way [see Demo...[PDF_$10]
10. MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. I: Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9]  
      Minuet and Bourre by Bach, Fur Elise by Beethoven, Spanish Romance, Old MaDonald's Farm, Sailing by Rod Stewart, Imagine by J. Lennon, Arpeggios Etude, Asturias by Albeniz   

11. MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. II Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9]
      Greensleeves, Malaguena, Minutet by Krieger, Etude by Tarrega, Ode To Joy by Beethoven, A piece by N. Paganini and Wilensky   

12. MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. III Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$12]
      Help by the Beatles, Habanera, Musette by Bach, Mazurka, The Hope, Spanish Waltz...   

13. MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. IV Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$14]
      Mr. Lonely, Si Tous Les Oiseaux , I loved Her, Light's Win, Every Breath You Take , Avec le Temps,  Over The Rainbow, Here Comes The Sun, Etude No. 7 , Air on G String  

14. LAHAV's GUITAR SCALES More info...  [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$14]
15. PROGRESSIVE EXERCISES FOR YOUR RIGHT HAND More info...  [PDF_$8] [Hard Copy_$14]
16. CHORDS ARPEGGIOS - For advanced students, soloists and guitar teachers. More info...   [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$14]
17. MAINLY POSITION V - A new method for learning and master position No.v   [PDF_$9]
18. COMPOSE & PLAY Learn to play guitar's first-position in a creative way [see Demo... [PDF_$10]

Ancient KIT GUITAR [Educational] for self constructing [Anchient Guitar kit_$31]

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Note: PDF is cheaper since it's an e-paper - data. Hard Copy is a printed sheet music that I will send you.
However the music for both - is the same!

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