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Joining the program

We are interesting in expanding our music programs
so now the project can run at your school too.

If you are a pupil/student, you can print the pages of the program you like and pass them to your music teacher or school's administration.
You may print this page too, so that everyone can go to: www.nl-guitar.com
You can contact us directly by sending us email:  edu@nl-guitar.com
If you are a music teacher, a parent or one of the school's administration, you should know that all the knowledge pass via the Internet web. The guitar-kits or the Music-box kits will be shipping by Airmail.

Play My Music Box...    See how it works:
1. First, select a project conductor; He or she, should be a music teacher that can play guitar or any strings/plucked instrument (amateur level is OK).
2. Order one Ancient kit-guitar or one set of Ancient Harp, and construct it all by yourself using a manual you will find in the package. + video clips
As you master the construction stage, You can start teaching the program at your school.
3. The constructing process usually lasts for at least two months with students. Parallel, as you'll constructing the instruments in classes, you shall start to go over the programs' contents: "Play Ancient Guitar" and "My Ancient Harp" is a full guiding program for the  teachers, - written very clear - so that you can easily learn and teach the contents.

As a project's conductor (When there are few music teachers involving or individual music teacher, you will get the full program software that has all the 'How to...' contents and a Video-CD. There you will be able to see all the instrument's constructions stages. Both: the program's contents and the construction stages, seen on a Video-CD are a great help, and of course, I will be ready to help and support you during your program!

Click the links in the below orange boxes, to see "Play Ancient Guitar" and "My Ancient Harp "- The Shareware pages   - as it open to any one. The full versions will be send on a CD for a registered schools and/or music courses. Check the links below:


4. At the program's end, the participants will give a final concert, at school.
After the final concert, each student will take his personal hand made instrument - home.

Before starting, it is a good idea to send us few words - by filling the request form below. You may specify the program you are interested in. Can you be the project teacher/conductor? The number of students that will participate. Roughly, what month are you planning to start the program? What country are you from? Your school's name, and any farther information you want to know (like training, support, shipping prices etc')

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