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Naftali Lahav 

Dear Music/Guitar teacher and Music Therapy
My name is Naftali Lahav - Guitar soloist, composer, classical guitar teacher and - humbly, music education programs developer.

I am inviting you to join a music educational program that related to guitar. The idea here is to enable pre-guitar program for many children. In other words, I am offering you a wider range of guitar teaching in the music education field. 
How We Do It:
Each student will construct his own Ancient Guitar out of well-fitted modular wooden pieces. Then we will learn how to play the guitar step by step, leading towards the program's final concert.
We are sending the kits in package that includes it all
(Material list...)
It's a very simple one stringed guitar, yet with wonderful sound!


Before we start - please select one of the three options:

Option 1:  

I just want to try for myself... Not sure I can teach groups [Classes, Summer-Camps, music courses...]   


Option 2:  

   I want to use this method for teaching private guitar students.

(Recommended) Option 3:  

I want to teach this program at Schools, Summer-Camps & Enrichment programs in my area.

Contact Us:

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  Other ways to contact me:
1. By email: edu@nl-guitar.com [Please, write 'NAFTALI' in the subject line]
  2. By Yahoo messenger my ID is:
3. By mailing to: Naftali Lahav: P.O.Box: 0216 * Kibbutz Mizra * ISRAEL 19312
  4. By Tel/Fax: + 972 4 6429756
  5. My site: www.nl-guitar.com

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