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My Ancient Guitar

The Ancient Guitar

The instrument that we build in the program: My Ancient Guitar is an eastern guitar, which we once [in the past] named: Rabbab. An instrument resembling the Rabbab in its appearance and size is the Rabbaba. The Rabbaba is a traditional Ancient musical instrument which has one string made of metal wire or interwoven horse tail hairs. The string is stretched high over a camel's hide. It is played with an arched (bow) producing a sobbing over-tones, considered as a string instrument. Our program instrument the Ancient Guitar, - just like guitar -  is a plucked instrument.



This Ancient instrument which has its roots in our country and in other countries in the region. However the Ancient Guitar is a new invention string instrument - developed by Naftali Lahav. In Israel we calling it Israli Guitar.

  My Ancient Guitar
Instrument name: Ancient Guitar
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The Ancient Guitar is played using the fingers or a plectrum, and thus it is an Ancient guitar belonging to the group of plucked instruments. The sound of our Ancient Guitar is powerful and clear, similar to the sound of the Ud.

The Ancient Guitar has no frets and thus the professional player can play quarter tones, which are used in maqams (Ancient scales). It is possible to attach three kinds of strings to the Ancient Guitar in order to achieve different kinds of sounds: a standard string (recommended), a thick string for a lower tone, and a bass string for playing the bass line.



   Why was this instrument chosen as the main instrument in this program? The Ancient Guitar is, in fact, a prototype, which represents most of the components of string and plucked instruments. It is a popular instrument, which was used by all nations of the region and which has remained in its original form, practically unchanged. In addition, the Ancient Guitar is suited in size to the average student of the 4th grade and up, and therefore it is relatively easy to play. Furthermore, the pleasant, clear sound of the instrument encourages the student to play.


We have three kinds of instruments:
A single stringed Ancient Guitar (recommended)
A two stringed Ancinet Guitar.
A three stringed Ancient Guitar.

constructing...     New: We have recently developed an elegant Ancient Guitar, building kit which can be put together individually, at home. We send the full kit by mail. The instrument can be built with the help of an instruction manual. Ancient Guitar Now...
The Ancient Guitar is also recommended as a pre-guitar instrument, that is, for children who wish to start studying the guitar at an early age. In addition, we recommend our Ancient Guitar for guitar teachers who would like to teach young children. This would make it possible to teach the basic stages of playing on a smaller, more comfortable instrument, and later easily move on to the guitar.
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