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  Music and Guitar


Music and Education


My Ancient Guitar

Program detailed goals

Developing musical creativity

This goal will be achieved by the following means: planning a model of a certain string instrument, producing a sound and its different colors, combining rhythms and percussion, improvising, composing small pieces, combining different instruments with singing, and concerts. 

Becoming acquainted with musical concepts and understanding them

What is music? What is a sound? What is the function of the resonance box? What are rhythmic values? What is the position of the Ancient Guitar and the guitar among the instruments? What are the rules of ensemble playing? What is the Ancient concept of music?

  My Ancient Guitar
Instrument name: Ancient Guitar
Constructing and playing...

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Developing interpersonal communication

Playing together creates a new situation, which enables the students to combine their musical performances while accepting the conditions of orchestral music. Now they must obey the "agreements" which the group has reached in order to achieve the best results when playing ensemble or orchestral music.


Personal and social goals
Enhancing the students' self esteem by advancing their playing skills.
Making the students more aware of their musical skills and tendencies.
Improving the social atmosphere in the class through group tasks.
Encouraging interpersonal communication through music playing.


Contents... Play My Ancient Guitar.
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