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Naftali Lahav

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We develop original music programs for schools, music courses and summer-camps. Our goal is to provide students with an interesting as well as enjoyable program. We therefore make our own kit instruments and use them to learn how to play and how to communicate with music.

My Ancient Guitar

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   New for ages: 5-7

Play Guitar
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A new method for the study of the guitar which I've named "Play Guitar".
This method is graduated, easy, direct and can be used for self-instruction or in conjunction with a human tutor, step by step. The "Play Guitar" goals is to teach any one that has the will to learn to Play Guitar.

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My Guitar


Pieces for classical guitar by N. Lahav were published by LIMOR music publications.
"...In my work I envision pictures and situations from the life of the individual and express them through the sounds of the guitar".

LIMOR publication

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Would you like to play the guitar?
Or would you like your son or daughter to learn to play?
Contact Studio for Guitar and enjoy our friendly atmosphere and professional approach. It would be worth your while to hear us play.

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