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Yoram Zerbib



Yoram Zerbib
Top Israeli Classic Guitar soloist.
Harishonim 33/17 St.
Ashdod, Israel 77230
Tel: 972-52-927493





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Yoram Zerbib
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Born in Israel 1965. began his musical studies at the conservatoire of Ashdod and later increased his knowledge of harmony and guitar techniques with Mr. Joseph Ureshalmi in Tel Aviv.
In1987 he came to Paris to meet the spanish Maestro Alberto Ponce, under the direction of whom he graduated from the "Ecole Normale de Musique" (Paris) in 1991 where he obtained the "Diplome Superieur d'Execution".
During the following two years Yoram Zerbib won many different prices at international competitions and won the first prize at the International Festival of Guitar in Israel.  

Yoram Zerbib has recorded a recital CD named: "Recital de guitare"
In this CD Mr. Zerbib perform: Paganini, Rodrigo, Piazzolla and Brouwer.
The sound is wonderful together with a very subtele music interpretation and great technique we have an out standing - most
recommended - guitar CD.


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