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You have just entered Chapter IV • Page No. 29 Learning notes Bass string E • Easy...try it

Must read !

51. String No.  - E (Mi)

   Read the notes by their names first - than play them

NEW: Learn notes in a creative and enjoyable way by using: "Compose & Play" boards...

52. Finger No. 1 and an open string

Read the notes out loud and in correct rhythm, then play them

53. Finger No. 3 and an open string

Have your 3rd finger round and place just before the fret

54. My first piece from notes


One may think that the transition from one system to another is confusing - but it's NOT! On the contrary, learning a second language is always easier. In exercises No. 51, 52, and 53 there is equalization between the Numeric system (TAB) and the conventional notes. Go over the notes, learn their names, and play each page for few days, so you will be able to play them fluently. Read the note's name in the correct rhythm, aloud first, than play it.

After practicing go page: 30 Bass string A • Or move to page: 31 32 33 34 35 36 37


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