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level1.jpg (5348 bytes) You can have Play Guitar right now! Click the guitar on the right purchase and download the full and latest version


level2.jpg (5551 bytes) You can also send us $26 (USA). Please, post it to:
Studio for Guitar (Naftali Lahav) P.O.B: 0417. Kibbutz Mizra. ISRAEL 19312.
As soon as your payment arrives, we shell then email you a link for download
Play Guitar the full version as setup installation file + your Password.

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level3.jpg (5648 bytes) Webmasters, Music sites, Schools, Guitar & Music teachers We are now offering Play Guitar as an On-Line web-program, so that you'll be able to offer this full method to your Internet community and your site's visitors. See how it works on our site: www.nl-guitar.com
Thank you!!


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