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You are at Chapter IV • Page No. 31 Learning notes Bass strings E +A

59. Two bass strings.

Two musical phrases, each on one string

60. Game - on two strings

Emphasize the first beat (>) in each measure

61. Rain

The dot means staccato. We can control the length of the sound by damping the string with the pad of your thumb - p

The Lute
A plucked instrument related to the guitar - in its music. The word
lute derives from the Arabic instrument UD, which means: "wood". That is because it had a soundboard of wood, which gave it a distinction from stretched skin. The lute family has some seven groups that are distinguished by the length of the neck, the number of courses, the strings tuning intervals and by the sort of frets: Gut or Metal. In the early 16th century the lute become the most important instrument in Europe. Bach wrote four solo suites for the Lute. In England, John Dowland (1563-1626), composer and lutenist, was one of the most important lute performers:
Lachrimae - by John Dowland.

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