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The Vihuela is a six-course plucked instrument from the 15th and 16th century. The vihuela belongs to the guitar family. It was most popular in Spain, as a solo instrument as well as accompaniment for singers. An impressive repertory of music for vihuela survived in printed Tablature. Today, there is a new generation of vihuela builders and players, in Spain, that have revived the vihuela tradition.
Fantasia for Vihuela - by Alonso de Mudarra (Spain 1536)

37. Bass steps, and open trebles:

Confirm that both of your wrists are free

38. Treble steps, and open basses strings:

Emphasis the soprano line

39. Children's song, maybe you've heard it before...

Little intervals - stroke them together and keep the last finger's joint free

How to play Chords...  

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