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Stage 1:
Please, see the video on the left:
How to construct your Ancient/Ancient Guitar.

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Stage 2:   

Purchase one kit for yourself on-line - by clicking the arrow below:   
With the package, I will add our programs Video_CD for PC.
+ Bonus: 7 Etudes for the Young Guitar Artist (PDF] Free!
For  more then 5 kits  - please contact me for lower prices!
For example: For 20 kits - $34, for each!

Stage 3:   

While waiting for the package, read and learn how to play it...
See more info:

  My Ancient Guitar 

1. My Ancient/Ancient Guitar
Constructing and Playing one stringed guitar [Grades: 4 up to 9]

My Ancient Harp 

2. My Ancient Harp /My Ancient Harp - For Music Teachers
Constructing and Playing Three strings Harp [Grades: 2 up to 4]

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  Other ways to contact me:
1. By email: edu@nl-guitar.com [Please, write 'NAFTALI' in the subject line]
  2. By Yahoo messenger, my ID is:
3. By mailing to: Naftali Lahav: P.O.Box: 0216 * Kibbutz Mizra * ISRAEL 19312
  4. By Tel/Fax: + 972 4 6429756

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